Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Big Ten Logo

The new Big Ten logo looks absolutely horrible! Makes no sense at all. The people at Pentagram should be ashamed (as should the conference)! Pentagram is the design firm to which the conference undoubtedly paid a large sum of money.

Here's my idea of what the logo could have looked like. In my version, I have even included a "12", for the twelve schools that are now in the "Big Ten". I cheated a bit by using Roman numerals, but the "12" (or XII) is there nonetheless.

In my logo, the large "X" also represents the Big "10", while the "I" which is part of the 'number' 10 is the first "I" and the center of the zero is the second "I". Together, you get "XII".

The lower image is here just to show where the XII is hidden.