Thursday, September 2, 2010

Car Grille Designs that Need to Change (or - who designs these cars?)

The worst offender has to be the Mazdas and their ‘smiley face’ grilles, especially the Mazda 3.

Acuras have too much chrome on their grille. The Acura TL’s grille even looks like a smiley face with a ‘smirk’. . . but why all the chrome? I thought the ‘chrome thing’ went out with the ‘60s. The new Ford Edge, while overall a nice design, still has a bit too much chrome.

Ever notice that most car ads show the vehicle from a direct side view? Most American cars are finally getting some nice lines, but the designers can’t seem to get the ‘head-on’ view correct.

Buicks finally have some great styling, but their grille is too old-fashioned looking. . . detracts from the rest of the car. Looks like the mouth of a Blue Whale!

Seems everyone is copying Audi’s isosceles trapezoid ‘drop grille’. Can’t car designers be a little more original? I'm not saying that the Audi grille is not attractive - it's just that they are all starting to look the same!

All Mitsubishi (right) did was to turn the same grille upside down!

Look familiar (below)? (Honda CRZ)